“How strong is our cyber resilience? is a common question many Management and IT stakeholders ask themselves. Protecting your business in today’s climate is all about staying up to date with your technology, policies, procedures, and training. As cybercrimes advance rapidly, your security posture’s coverage will make a critical difference in preventing and responding to such attacks.

There are plenty of opportunities for negligence, ill intent, or human error. A business’ many endpoints, Cloud infrastructure or applications supporting multiple work settings are targeted assets. Cyberattacks are non-discriminatory and creatively quick in finding weaknesses. Arming your business and people with the right knowledge is crucial to counter this malice.

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New malware registered daily


Average industry phish-prone rate


Average cost of data breach in Australia

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Cybersecurity is a full-time priority. While your business explores the myriad of IT security options available, keep in mind to ensure your best practices are compliant with industry security regulations.

Now that your staff are gradually returning to the office, many will still retain remote or hybrid work arrangements. Have you considered bolstering your endpoints to protect employees and company data?

Proactive security monitoring adds a layer of prevention to your detection and response procedures. This framework actively prevents security breaches and uphold business compliance.